Camp 4Science is a unique educational workshop for filmmakers focusing on popularising science with the science and non-fiction documentary as their tool.

Science documentary films use a unique way of storytelling often involving a presenter (or a “host”) or various animation tools which help them in explaining complex scientific phenomena.  They require a unique research approach and particular production planning, funding and research of the issue the documentary presents. The workshop also deals with the special position of science documentary films (“science slots”) and their distinctive challenges within the European broadcasting system.

Every year this unique training and educational event focuses on the development and funding of science documentary films with a special emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe. With the help of experienced international mentors, participating directors and producers will develop their filmmaking techniques, themes, storytelling methods and the visual style of their projects. The workshop also highlights the alternative methods of funding, specialised markets and distribution channels.

The programme includes interactive group sessions, in-depth individual meetings with the tutors and other experts, thematic sessions (animation techniques, storytelling, interactive elements, funding etc.), case studies of outstanding science docs as well as screenings of science docs from former Camp 4Science participants. The final day of the workshop will be dedicated to the pitching of the created projects to foreign broadcasters, experts and festival representatives.

The main objective of the Camp 4Science project is to create an international partner network of institutions popularising science, especially by using audiovisual resources, i.e. TV and film productions, festivals, science museums or universities and their audiovisual centres. The ideal benefit of networking should be sharing experiences, strengthening the interaction between the scientific sphere and the audiovisual industry, promoting science as an important social issue, and last but not least, highlighting the potential of the scientific film and TV formats for education and communication of science.