Camp 4Science

Camp 4Science is a training and networking event for filmmakers dedicated to developing science documentary projects. Selected participants will have the opportunity to meet experienced international mentors who will guide and help them with their projects during the development phase. Camp 4Science offers participants the opportunity to work on their storytelling, visual style, film techniques, themes, and production and distribution strategies. They will also explore the specifics  of the international science film market, thematic television slots, alternative funding sources and distribution. In addition, participants have a unique chance to make important contacts in the science and film industries. The workshop culminates in a pitching of projects to an audience of festival representatives, producers, filmmakers and distributors. The best pitched project at Camp 4Science will be awarded 25,000 USD, thanks to the generous support of Sandbox Films. The programme is held in English.

Who can apply?

Our training event is dedicated to producers and directors who work on their documentary projects in the development, production or post-production stage. We welcome participants experienced with documentary film production who are willing to learn more about the diverse ways to approach science. Moreover, participants with a science background and/or science communication experience who would like to learn how to communicate their research to the public through documentary filmmaking are also welcome to apply.

We support a wide range of projects with various scientific aspects. From projects focusing on the recent top scientific research targeted at wide audiences to highly artistic films with scientific elements. We are open to topics such as portraits of scientists, wildlife programmes, historical quests with a scientific angle or educational series for children. We encourage applicants to submit projects dealing with any area of human knowledge and research (from philosophy to life sciences). We are open to feature-length films, TV 52’ length formats or series as well as projects with online and game potential.

Six projects will be selected to actively participate in the programme. Camp 4Science will also offer four selected projects the possibility to attend as observers.

What we offer?

  • in-depth group sessions and one-on-one consultations with renown international mentors focused on general questions on the project (main topic, research, scriptwriting, access to the characters and the key science (re)sources, storytelling, visual style, production strategy, financing, and distribution strategy, presentation and pitching techniques) 
  • time and space dedicated to elaborating on the projects (1 pager and trailer/teaser) 
  • case studies and sessions mapping the newest trends, unique approaches to and contemporary situation of the science film production 
  • one-on-one meetings
  • the possibility to cover travel costs to Olomouc
  • prize 25,000 USD for the best pitch 



Contact email:
Ivana Formanová / Head of 4Science:
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Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding your project or application process or any questions you may have regarding the training event.