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AFO JuniorFilm
Planetariums show movies that provide a close-up view of space. What is not seen are the complications scientists encounter when leaving Earth and exploring the far reaches of space. Elon the hamster and his robotic companion guide the audience through this process.
The film by Krutart studio combines the planetarium experience with a thrilling animated story. It also dives into the explanation of the physical phenomena in cooperation with experts. This film is a love letter to science, ingenuously presented by the unusual central duo Elon and his companion.
Runtime: 35 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Direction: Martin Živocký, Filip Veselý
Screenplay: Pavel Gotthard
Cast: Jan Cina, Berenika Kohoutová, Petra Bílková, Zbyšek Horák, Markéta Holcmanová
Cinematography: Martin Živocký
Music: Karel Antonín
Sound: Lukáš Pešek
Editing: Filip Veselý
Production: Martin Jůza