300 Trillion – The Debt Trap

300 bilionů – Po krk v dluzích

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Social inequality is at an all-time high, influenced by racial and generational factors with very few ways to escape – that is the reality of people in debt all over the world.
The vicious cycle of loans, debts, followed by more loans sucks people in like a black hole, often without a chance to escape. Personal debt may seem insignificant compared to immense state and global debt, but it can freeze a family's life and future, leaving them completely stuck. Financial experts and debtors themselves share their experience with the mechanisms of debt and the pitfalls of a frustrating struggle with it.
Runtime: 83 min.
Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Direction: Rudolph Herzog
Screenplay: Rudolph Herzog
Cast: Miguel Angel Fernández Fontelos, Rafael Cabanillas Sánchez, Sajjad Maroof, Josef Kliendienst, Christoph Trebesch
Cinematography: Henning Brümmer
Music: Friederike Bernhardt
Sound: Adrian Lo, Jens Mattner
Editing: Barbara Zosel
Production: A Neue Celluloid Fabrik
Sales: First Hand Films