The Arc of Oblivion

Archa zapomnění

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Childhood photos. Thousand-year old volcanic ash. A diary. Dinosaur bones. Hard drive. Sediment. We exist in an archive, are surrounded by archives, and are an archive.
The tendency to prolong the life of fleeting moments is wholly human – to bypass forgetting by leaving a mark on the world, or a mass of data we pass onto next generations. Nature records its existence just as thoroughly, but unlike us, it is willing to delete and rewrite. Does a perfect archive able to withstand the test of time exist?
Runtime: 105 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2023
Direction: Ian Cheney
Screenplay: Ian Cheney
Cast: Marilyn Cheney, Bryan Cheney, David Brenner, Ann Druyan, Neil Pederson, Valerie Trouet, David Hoch, Henry Berry, Rick Linscott, Kirk Johnson, Kirsten Johnson, Brian Palmer, Werner Herzog
Cinematography: Rebecca Taylor, Ian Cheney, Daniel Quintanilla, Joseph Brunette
Music: Colin Cheney
Sound: Colin Cheney, Kepler Cheney, Meredith DeSalazar, Robyn Metcalfe
Editing: Ian Cheney
Production: Sandbox Films