Baron Artur Kraus + The Breathtaking Corona

Baron Artur Kraus + Podmanivá koróna

Czechoslovak CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Baron Artur Kraus
Matouš Kotěra | Czech Republic | 2022 | 30’
Baron Arthur Kraus was a renaissance man who, especially in astronomy, surpassed his time. The film summarises the impact of a visionary, a traveller, a populariser, a scientist, an athlete, and a pioneer of aviation.

Born in Pardubice in 1912, Kraus opened the first public observatory in central Europe. In wartime, the scientist participated in the foundation of Czech Astronomical Society and created one of the oldest methods for observing the Sun. What did his lab look like and what was his contribution to sport?

The Breathtaking Corona
Jonáš Jirovský | Česka republika | 2022 | 26’
Once considered a message from the gods, today, an unforgettable spectacle – solar eclipses has fascinated humanity since time immemorial. While we have cracked many of its secrets, the Sun's corona remains an enigma that scientists are still itching to unravel.

Runtime: 56 min.