Czech Weather

České počasí

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Weather is the go-to topic of small talk. We experience it every day and know that it can bring us peace and incredible beauty, as well as terrible disasters.
Heat, water, wind. The three basic components that make up the weather. The recipe for the weather is very simple. At AFO, we will be screening parts of the documentary series dedicated to water and air. Come and learn about our weather. You may even get an answer to what’s behind the strange changes in temperatures in recent years.
Runtime: 52 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2023
Direction: David Sís
Screenplay: David Sís
Cinematography: Petr Příkazský
Sound: Vojtěch Komárek
Editing: Martin Šlégr
Production: Lenka Poláková, Miroslav Pavlíček
Sales: Česká televize