Theater of Thought

Divadlo myšlenek

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
What do fish dream about? Do we all live in fictional worlds? A world-renowned director takes you on a journey into the depths of the mind. This documentary reveals the secrets of the world inside our heads.
This curious essay delves into the areas of technology, human rights issues or philosophy. It is a self-reflexive intellectual expedition that paints a colorful picture of what goes on inside the gray cortex. And as Herzog himself admits, it's possible that the inquisitive viewer will be even more baffled by the end of this journey. This, too, is a necessary reality of the fascination with knowledge.
Runtime: 107 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2022
Direction: Werner Herzog
Screenplay: Werner Herzog
Cast: Rafael Yuste, Cori Bargmann, Richard Axel
Cinematography: Luke Holwerda
Music: Ernst Reijseger
Editing: Marco Capalbo
Production: Ariel Leon Isacovitch, Doron Weber, Kerstin Emhoff
Sales: Werner Herzog Filmproduktion