Into the Wilderness

Do divočiny!

Czechoslovak CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
We don’t have to go far to reach nature. Wilderness can be found just around the corner. What is hiding in our vicinity?
With Prokop Pithart, we visit the banks of Czech rivers, ponds and forests, where wolves run free and owls hoot at night. The camera discovers the landscape’s secrets and closely follows its animal inhabitants. Sometimes all you need to do is sit still and watch. We will spend the day in the shoes of an animal rescuer and set out for a night expedition. The series presents the relationship between man and Czech nature and shows how easily an ordinary walk can become an adventure.
Runtime: 60 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2021
Direction: David Brázda
Screenplay: Prokop Pithart, David Brázda
Cast: Prokop Pithart, Václav Kutílek
Cinematography: Ondřej Bojo, David Brázda
Sound: Miroslav Novák
Editing: Michal Helan
Production: Adam Pešek
Sales: Česká televize