Hollow Tree

Dutý strom

IdentityFilmEnglish friendly
“The only cypresses you’ll see are old and hollow, because they aren’t usable for logging anymore and they could’ve survived only like this.” Three young women discover the history and future of their flooded home in Louisiana.
The trio learn about the flood control system, the oil industry, and their disappearing home from engineers, activists, and natives. Each sees the issue from a perspective based on their own roots and social position in the American South. In the end, a question is left: “Why are we making peace with this?”
Runtime: 73 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2022
Direction: Kira Akerman
Cast: Kenzie Fanguy, Annabelle Pavy, Tanielma Da Costa
Cinematography: Gris Jordana, Maxime Kathari, Paavo Hanninen, Milena Pastreich
Music: free feral
Sound: Arjun G. Sheth
Editing: Meryl O’Connor, Isidore Bethel
Production: Monique Walton, Chachi Hauser
Sales: The Water Literacy Film LLC