The Gene: An Intimate History

Důvěrné dějiny genu

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“It is in my genes!” we say, but do we know where the roots of genetics and DNA lie?
The Gene: An Intimate History travels back in time and shows the beginnings of human genetics, from observation of peas to deciphering DNA, and introduces pioneers determined to discover the future. It is interwoven with a hopeful story of a family and their young daughter with a rare genetic disease, and doctors searching for a cure. Without the scientists and discoveries of the past, this would not have been possible.
Runtime: 120 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2022
Direction: Jack Youngelson
Screenplay: Geoffrey C. Ward, Barak Goodman, David Blistein
Cast: David Costabile
Cinematography: Stephen McCarthy, Sam Russell
Music: David Cieri
Editing: Jenna Bliss, Peter Livingston Jr.
Production: Chris Durrance, Jack Youngelson