We the Power

Energie v nás

AdaptationFilmEnglish friendly
The energy crisis, war, and changing climate all push us to reimagine how we think about energy. The film and following debate explore the future of the sector.
Imagine a new local and sustainable energy system that is built on bringing social and economic benefits to neighbouring communities. The movie follows neighbourhoods of Girona, the urban roofs of London, and Bavaria as they build a more resilient and healthy future of the energy sector.
Runtime: 39 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Direction: David Garrett Byars
Cinematography: Keenan Newman, Bas Zwartepoorte, Joseph Dunn
Music: Felix Penny, Fanny Penny
Sound: Felix Penny
Editing: Lyman Smith
Production: Carlos Carneiro, Roos Van de Weerd, Nicholas Weissman, Bas Zwartepoorte