Fire of Love

Erupce lásky

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Katia and Maurice Krafft had two passions – each other and volcanoes. They spent two decades chasing volcanic eruptions and documenting their findings from breathtaking proximity.
The amazing marriage of volcanologists Katia and Maurice was as explosive in its end as it was in its course. They left behind a trove of the most amazing captured volcanic images ever. On the backdrop of the lyrical forces of nature, a story is told of prehistoric creation and destruction, and two fearless explorers venturing into the unknown, motivated by love.
Runtime: 93 min.
Country: Canada, USA
Year: 2022
Direction: Sara Dosa
Screenplay: Sara Dosa, Erin Casper, Jocelyne Chaput, Shane Boris
Cast: Katia Krafft, Maurice Krafft
Cinematography: Maurice Krafft
Music: Nicolas Godin
Sound: Patrice Leblanc
Editing: Erin Casper, Jocelyne Chaput
Production: Sara Dosa, Shane Boris, Ina Fichman
Sales: NEON