Investigators – Bioresonance

Investigátori – Biorezonance

Czechoslovak CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
For some, it is junk science. For others, it is a foolproof diagnostic method with indisputable results. The number of both admirers and opponents of bioresonance is increasing. What is the real story here? Is it actually a science?
The investigative Slovak duo combines a sceptical and sober approach to the supernatural – Lukáš has an open mind, and Peter is religious. Together, they attempt to get to the bottom of one of the phenomena of our time and answer a fundamental question – where does science end and charlatanry begin?
Runtime: 55 min.
Country: Slovakia
Year: 2022
Direction: Peter Pokorný
Screenplay: Peter Pokorný, Michal Teplan
Cinematography: Peter Bališ, Andrea Sudorová, Ján Kász
Music: Martin Hasák
Sound: Adam Kuchta, Mária Kodčíková, Vladimír Slaninka
Editing: Miloš Jakubík
Production: Monika Lošťáková