Cracking COVID

Jak zkrotit covid

Tribute: Sonya PembertonFilmEnglish friendly
While Europe was stranded between waves of COVID infections, the other side of the globe had quite a different experience. How did Australia defend itself against the COVID pandemic?

This documentary by Sonya Pemberton follows the development of the pandemic in Australia in real time. Nobel Prize laureate Peter Doherty, epidemiologists, researchers searching for a formula for an effective vaccine, and three patients faced with very different experiences of how their bodies respond to the infection are all interconnected in the narrative.
Runtime: 75 min.
Country: Australia
Year: 2021
Direction: Sonya Pemberton
Screenplay: Sonya Pemberton
Cast: Peter Doherty, Sonya Pemberton
Cinematography: Harry Panagiotidis
Music: Dale Cornelius
Sound: Dale Warren, Paul Shanahan
Editing: Wayne Hyett
Production: Genepool Productions
Sales: ABC Commercial