Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Kapitál v 21. století

This compelling documentary is based on the international bestseller by Thomas Piketty. It is a journey to wealth and power that breaks down the widespread assumption that capital accumulation goes hand in hand with social progress.
The film fundamentally sheds new light on today's growing economic inequalities. The narrative travels through time and combines accessible pop culture references with interviews with some of the world's most influential experts, providing an insightful and empowering insight into the past and the future.
Runtime: 103 min.
Country: France, New Zealand
Year: 2019
Direction: Justin Pemberton
Screenplay: Justin Pemberton, Thomas Piketty, Matthew Metcalfe
Cast: Thomas Piketty
Cinematography: Darryl Ward
Music: Jean-Benoît Dunckel
Sound: Malcolm Cromie
Editing: Sandie Bompar
Production: Matthew Metcalfe
Sales: Tamasa Distribution