Jurassic Cash

Kolik stojí pravěk?

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Everyone who had a dinosaur phase as a child likely wanted their own dinosaur. Some people can fulfill this dream – at least to a degree.
The film offers a layered look into the controversial practice of the auction of dinosaur bones. It includes voices of both collectors, thrilled by an exclusive sauropod skeleton in their living room, and scientists, unsettled by the market preventing museums and labs from accessing the finds. A triceratops called Big John becomes the subject of their collective interest.
Runtime: 53 min.
Country: France
Year: 2022
Direction: Xavier Lefebvre, Gilles Deiss
Screenplay: Vincent Feragus
Cast: Iacopo Briano, Ralph Wunsch, Alexandre Giquello, Kléber Rossillon, Thomas Carr, Walter Stein, Flavio Bacchia, Henry Kriegstein
Cinematography: Jérôme Krumenacker, Xavier Lefebvre, Christophe Boyer
Music: Vincent Jacq
Sound: Rémy Frappas-Denis
Editing: Gilles Deiss
Production: Gedeon Programmes, CANAL+ Doc
Sales: Terranoa