Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest

Král arkádovek: Cesta ke světovému rekordu

Science in Pop CultureFilmEnglish friendly
Kim Cannon Arm, the legend of arcades, decides to break the world game record in Gyruss. Luckily, he has similarly inclined friends happy to support him in the attempt to play the game for more than 100 hours straight.
Superficially, the documentary follows the regulars from the Bip Bip Bar gaming den full of 1980s arcades. However, a humanist essay on the power of friendship underneath is uncovered. Scientists and artists by profession, gamers by heart, all decide to honour the memory of a friend in their own way.
Runtime: 98 min.
Country: Denmark
Year: 2021
Direction: Mads Hedegaard
Screenplay: Mads Hedegaard
Cast: Kim “Kanonarm” Købke, Michael Dyst, Michael Trier, Svavar Gunnar Gunnarson, Carsten Tommy Lauridsen, Emil Gotfredsen
Cinematography: David Bauer, Mads Hedegaard
Music: Jacob Søndergaard Weile
Sound: Kasper Rasmussen, Rasmus Winther Jensen
Editing: Mark Bukdahl
Production: Good Company Pictures, Sveriges Television AB - SVT, TV2 Denmark
Sales: Cargo Film&Releasing