Shorts: Sound is Science

Krátké filmy: Zvuk je věda

Sound is ScienceFilm
Thousand and One Sounds
Pilar Arcila | France | 2022 | 13’
Various constraints have disrupted our daily lives and the deserted streets have given way to an ambient silence that is unusual in contemporary urban society. Paradoxically, it is this silence that reveals the ubiquity of different sounds in our lives.

Spectrum Restoration
Felippe Mussel | Brasil | 2022 | 7’
Animals and other organisms that make up the sound track of this film inhabit the Pantanal area in Brazil, a biome more than 50% of which was affected by fires between 2018 and 2022.

Jon Vatne | Norway | 2019 | 20’
Nature as an orchestra? Sound artist Eirik Havnes ventures into the woods with a recorder and headphones to collect the sounds of trees, waterfalls, ice, insects, and moss in efforts to create a unique symphony.

Sound Fields: Adventures in Contemporary Field Recording
Sam Campbell | United Kingdom | 2018 | 12’
Field recordings, the collection of sounds from the world around us, has been a part of experimental music for a long time. However, it does not belong just to avant-garde soundscapes.
Runtime: 51 min.