Forests of the Future

Lesy budoucnosti

Science on Czech TelevisionFilm
Czech woods and forests are a chest of treasures both big and small. From camps, mushrooming, and a shared walk, we turn to the woods to better our health and knowledge.
Forests are a field of countless visible wars. The invasion of bark beetles, drought, and human ignorance can radically influence whether future generations will still be able to enjoy everything the forests offer. Scientists and rangers join forces to help fight these wars with innovation, education, and drones.
Runtime: 51 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2022
Direction: Jana Škopková
Screenplay: René Šír, Radim Löwe
Cast: Róbert Marušák, Marek Turčáni, Radim Löwe, Lukáš Bílek, Jan Macků, Miloš Ježek, Peter Surový, Anna Jirošová
Cinematography: Matej Tirpák
Music: Maxwell Jay Johanides
Sound: Petr Dušánek
Editing: Maxwell Jay Johanides
Sales: Česká televize