Interspecies Robot Sex

Mezidruhový robotický sex

Special ScreeningFilmEnglish friendly
How will humans (and their robots) continue to reproduce fruit when the bees are gone? Exploring two responses to colony collapse disorder – the sum of forces that threaten the demise of honey bee colonies on which the global agricultural system depends.
In China, human workers fertilise pear blossoms by hand, one by one, on an industrial scale with the help of cigarette filters and 7,000 workers in the world's largest orchard. Meanwhile, in a Harvard University lab, engineers are building tiny drones called Robobees.
Runtime: 20 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2022
Direction: Miriam Simun
Screenplay: Miriam Simun
Cinematography: Miriam Simun
Music: Lisa Ann Schonberg
Sound: Lisa Ann Schonberg
Editing: Miriam Simun
Production: Miriam Simun