Michal Patycki: The Sun

Michaɫ Patycki: Slunce

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It is clear that non-renewable sources of energy will eventually run out. If that happened to the Sun, our planet would only last a week. What kind of darkness will come when we expand our reserves?

The Sun. An essential source of energy—burning hot, bursting, radiating, expending energy. The Sun burns itself out so that others can live. The depths of the Earth make similar sacrifices through the mining of coal. Where the Sun does not shine, some toil hard to extract a source of energy for the comfort of the rest of the population. The Sun project was inspired by an article about a miner Staszek Zięb published in the mid-1950s in the Silesian weekly magazine Panorama. It records the procedure of using sun lamps to compensate for the lack of daylight in mines. The Sun exhibition reflects the issue of mining through science-fiction imagery from the experimental mine Barbara in Mikulov, Poland, and magnified microscopic images of coal that resemble the Sun. The exhibition also ponders on a possible apocalypse caused by the plundering of resources and offers an unconventional view of energy correlations.