Miroslav Kutal: Evolutionary Forests in the Czech Republic – How to Protect Biodiversity in Forests?

Miroslav Kutal: Evoluční lesy v Česku – jak chránit biodiverzitu v lesích?

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Centuries of intensive forestry focused on production have left their mark on Czech forests. Nevertheless, it is possible to find isles of diverse woodland, often protected in nature reserves.
Are we taking good care of them? And do forests even need our care? Do we need to manage the woods to ensure their biodiversity, or is it preferable to leave them to their own devices without human intervention? How is biodiversity affected by the ongoing climate change causing massive withering of forests infested with bark beetles? Miroslav Kutal from the Forest Ecology Institute of Mendel University and the expert guarantor of the carnivore monitoring programme of Hnutí DUHA is your guide.
Runtime: 150 min.