Dead Birds Flying High

Mrtví ptáci létají vysoko

International CompetitionFilm
In photography, it is easy to blur the line between a dead body and a living one. It is often difficult to discern what is hidden in old, forgotten photos – especially when we know next to nothing about the man who took them.
The film about a strange family heirloom and the unsettling power of the camera follows the story of Sönja Storm, a woman whose eccentric grandfather left her a collection of stuffed animals, a plethora of bird photos, and a lot of questions. The film captures the morbid atmosphere of the discovery with natural ease.
Runtime: 85 min.
Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Direction: Sönje Storm
Screenplay: Sönje Storm
Cast: Sönje Storm, Esther Ruelfs, Martin Husemann, Detlef Kolligs, Werner David
Cinematography: Alexander Gheorghiu
Music: Dominik Eulberg, Bertram Denzel, Henry Reyels
Sound: Roman Pogorzelski
Editing: Halina Daugird
Production: Sönje Storm
Sales: Stormfilm Produktion