Invisible Landscapes

Neviditelné krajiny

Czechoslovak CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
A large part of the phenomena surrounding us in our daily lives is completely hidden from our sight. Mysterious worlds of sounds, echoes, and vibrations form networks of extraordinary invisible landscapes around us.
Have you ever wondered what the roar of water and heat in the bowels of a thermal power station or the steady breathing of an oil rig sound like? Full of bustle and sounds, this film is nearly wordless and offers a unique perspective of ecology and energy. There are many other ways to see the world than with our eyes.
Runtime: 48 min.
Country: Czech Republic
Year: 2022
Direction: Ivo Bystřičan
Screenplay: Ivo Bystřičan
Cast: Sara Pinheiro, Magnús Bergsson, Lukáš Likavčan, Václav Havelka, Pan Thorarensen
Cinematography: Matěj Piňos
Sound: Václav Flégl, Jan Kalužný
Editing: Šimon Špidla
Production: Tereza Swadoschová, Ivo Kubák
Sales: Era Production