Shorts: Space Blues

Pásmo: Vesmírné blues

Short Film CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Davide Palella | Italy | 2022 | 8’
Not many of us have seen sunspots. But one man observed them for 64 years. What must that have been like? The poetic film introduces engineer Sergio Cortesi who devoted his entire life to observing the Sun and sunspots from a lab.

The Empty Sphere
Stéphanie Roland | France, Micronesia, Belgium | 2022 | 19’
From the stars to the depths, a cosmic tragedy unfolds in the heart of the Pacific. Join us on a journey through time and space as we witness the ultimate downfall of an astronomical object, and the mysteries it leaves behind in its watery grave. A scientist describes her attachment to this object and the fact its fate ends in a place we know nothing about.

Roopa Gogineni, Trevor Snapp | Western Sahara | 2022 | 24’ Every year more than 80,000 meteorites crash into earth. Many land in the stark Saharan sands, where they are spotted by passing nomads. Some are worth far more than gold, others contain clues to the deep history of our solar system.
Runtime: 60 min.