What Lies Inside

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The personal story of the director Luke Renner draws us to the complex issue of trauma. This difficult topic is presented in a lighter shade thanks to the playful narration and the promise that facing your trauma can set you free.
Renner started shooting the film in 2014, when he embarked upon his journey of self-healing. This is how he meets other survivors, as well as several specialists in this field. We learn from them, and many others, how difficult it is to define trauma, how it can be triggered, and how its shapes have shifted throughout history.
Runtime: 128 min.
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Direction: Luke A. Renner
Screenplay: Luke A. Renner
Cast: Luke A. Renner, Ana Blake, Olivia Blake, Peter S. Carmichael, Vincent Felitti, Eva Mozes Kor, Maggie Kline, Peter Levine, Estella Leona Moser, Maren Neidert
Cinematography: David Neidert
Music: Phil Larson
Sound: Chad Evans, Don Hale, Ron Hanson, Kyle Hufford, Luke A. Renner, Jared Zook
Editing: Luke A. Renner
Production: Tilt23 Studios, Bird Shine Films