Raquel Castro: Sound Art, Ecology and Public Awareness

Raquel Castro: Zvukové umění, ekologie a povědomí veřejnosti

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Raquel Castro is a researcher, director, and sound art curator. In this talk, Castro focuses on the relationship between sound art, ecology, and raising public awareness through her projects and the Lisboa Soa Festival.
She initiated Lisboa Soa in 2016 after a long journey of dedication to the study of sound and acoustic ecology, a discipline that has inspired the festival since its foundation. Acoustic ecology places listening at the centre and this is also the focus of Lisboa Soa: to bring attention to the ears and create awareness of the relationship between sound and environment and, by extension, the social, cultural and ecological issues that are revealed through the practice of listening. © photo Vera Marmelo (Lisboa Soa)
Runtime: 90 min.