Secrets in the Scat

Tajemství trusu

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
The vast majority of people are repelled by excrement. Not so Scott Burnett, aka Scat Man. He is obsessed with animal dung and fascinated by how many secrets you can learn from it.
Scat Man travels to several continents, where he meets kindred spirits. He examines the droppings of various animals – cubes excreted by wombats, whale faeces, and cassowary poop. Every animal has its peculiarities and surprises. The documentary focuses on a very specific discipline and explores the unexpected facets of science.
Runtime: 52 min.
Country: Austria
Year: 2021
Direction: Ruth Berry
Screenplay: Ruth Berry
Cast: Scott Burnett
Cinematography: Nick Hayward, Bernhard Popovich, Praveen Singh, Luke Cameron, Simon Enderby
Music: Barnaby Taylor
Sound: Stefan K. Fiedler
Editing: Christian Stoppacher
Production: Sue Clothier, Terra Mater Studios
Sales: Off the Fence