Smile and Wave

Usměj se a zamávej

International CompetitionFilmEnglish friendly
Can the portrait of a place express something about life? A French biologist invites you for a walk along the Norwegian coast.
What is left when loved ones are gone? Can thinking about our desires help us understand ourselves? Smile and Wave is a film essay reflecting on the past and memories captured in the present, mixing footage of sea creatures with family videos. Behind the walk along the coast, where we meet common heart urchins and oystercatchers, lies the story of the fragile relationship between the author and her father.
Runtime: 57 min.
Country: Norway
Year: 2022
Direction: Eva Charlotte Nilsen
Screenplay: Eva Charlotte Nilsen
Cast: Eva Charlotte Nilsen
Cinematography: Eva Charlotte Nilsen
Music: Maja Bugge
Sound: Sander Stedenfeldt Olsen, Martin Mulholland
Editing: Rachel Gomez Andersen, Eva Ch. Nilsen
Production: Eva Charlotte Nilsen
Sales: Rampelys