Bigger Than Trauma

Víc než trauma

The war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s left deep wounds on civilians. A quarter of a century later, a therapeutic group was formed to heal them.
War conflicts trigger PTSD not only in soldiers in combat. Some traumas are caused by another weapon of war – sexual violence, whether perpetrated by occupiers or old acquaintances. The documentary follows the group therapy of several Croatian and Serbian women processing their old wounds and grievances.
Runtime: 90 min.
Country: Croatia
Year: 2022
Direction: Vedrana Pribačić
Screenplay: Vedrana Pribačić, Mirta Puhlovski
Cinematography: Dinka Radonić, Žarko Sušac
Music: Mirta Puhlovski
Sound: Dario Domitrović (Embrio productions)
Editing: Oleg Skorin
Production: Mirta Puhlovski
Sales: Metar 60 association