Opening ceremony: All the Colours of the Archive + hybrid DJ set by New Magic Media

Slavnostní zahájení: Všechny barvy archivu + hybridní DJ set New Magic Media

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Opening ceremony of AFO's 58th edition. Screening of educational films of the time curated by the National Film Archive. Screenings will accompany hybrid Dj set by New Magic Media.
Domestic silent films were full of colours – in addition to various narrative techniques typical of the 1910s and 1920s, all titles feature tones and tints, from soft yellow to deep purple. The program includes a wide range of period non-fiction films, from a documentary on breeding domestic birds to film lectures on forest pests. The program is accompanied live by a hybrid DJ set by a Prague DJ, VJ and artist New Magic Media. The Fuchs and Punctum Radio club’s resident DJ oscillates between contemporary club production, ambient soundscapes, echoes of the rave movement, and experimental music.
Film selection:
Goose breeding in Libuše near Prague (5 min., 1911, Kinofa Praha)
Haná-Wallachian Exhibition in Holešov, Moravia (8 min., 1914, Pathé)
Black arches: Nun Moth (10 min., 1922, Orbis Film)
The First Driving School (9 min., 1923, Poja)
Fishing harvest of the pond "Rožmberk" (11 min., 1924, Prokůpek Julius Praha)
Folk Culture in Slovakia (8 min., 1925, MAP-Film)
Winter Sunday at Ještěd (5 min., 1926, Slavia Film)
Runtime: 57 min.
Country: Czechoslovakia
Sales: Národní filmový archiv