Made to Measure

Vyrobeni na míru

International CompetitionFilm
Is it possible to create a perfect duplicate of someone if the only thing we know about them is their Google search history? Are we as unique and autonomous as we would like to think? How much of a giveaway is our internet surfing history?
Explore a fresh social experiment about people’s worth in the information age. Lisa does not have to think twice whether to join an experiment where another woman would portray her in front of the cameras solely on the basis of Lisa’s own internet activity. Soon enough the experiment stumbles upon serious societal issues.
Runtime: 52 min.
Country: Germany
Year: 2022
Direction: Moritz Riesewieck, Hans Block, Cosima Terrasse
Cinematography: Konrad Waldmann, Jeffrey Johnson, Thomas Schneider, Gregor Grkinic, Felix Schmilinsky, Anna Bogomolova, Klemens Koscher
Music: Lukas McNally
Editing: Momas Schütze
Production: Nina Hölzl, Patrick M. Müller
Sales: CAT&Docs