Soil Rises + Herbaria

Vzestup půdy + Herbaria

International CompetitionFilm
Soil rises
Patrick Flannery Walker | United Kingdom | 2022 | 6’
In this feature, garden architect and nature enthusiast Cleve West cares for a property in a southwest suburb of London and introduces his interest in the environment and the green areas’ importance for people.

Leandro Listorti | Argentina | 2022 | 82’
Why are film and botanical archives considered important and what connects them? The answer lies in their role in preserving the world's memories, which become significant cultural and artistic heritage.

Shot on 16 mm film, the documentary follows the process of archiving flora and film strips, the lifespan of which shortens if not preserved properly. Many herbariums include specimens of plants that no longer exist. Film medium is no different. If it is not properly stored in film archives, much of our world heritage of cinematography is lost.

Runtime: 88 min.