Hana Křepelková Rezková saw the inception of the Camp 4Science project and has been the main dramaturge of the workshop from its very beginning. Hana is a member of the FAMU Artistic Council. In the past, she was the programme director of the Institute of Documentary Films and one of the managers of CaucaDoc – programme for creative filmmakers in the South Caucasus. Hana was also a leader of research workshops at NATO and she occasionally writes or holds lectures. She studied Film Studies in Prague, Paris and Berlin.



Christine worked first for 10 years in Germany and in France as a librarian, researcher and trainings manager. She joined the European Cultural Channel, ARTE France, in 1991 as Commissioning Editor. After over 20 years in the network, she started 2013 to work as an independent Consultant, collaborating with international producers, filmmakers and institutions, acting as a mentor, tutor, advisor, assessing or selecting expert, festival curator, session producer and moderator. She is co-funding board member of EURASF, the European Academy of Science Film.


Names of other mentors of this year’s edition of Camp 4Swill be gradually released over the next two months.

Consultants at Camp 4Science 2013 - 2018:

Dinah Lord | Producer, Caravan Media, UK
Tristan Chytroschek |Producer, a&o buero, Germany
Eric Éllena | Producer, French Connection Films, France
Sonya Pemberton |Director, Producer, Genepool Production, Australia
Michael Wolff |Producer, fact+film Medienproductions GmbH, Germany
Gabriel Turkieh |Producer, ALTOMEDIA, France
Gregor Streiber | Producer, werwiewas Medienproduktion and inselfilm production, Germany
Elmar Bartlmae | Producer, Leonardo Film GmbH, Germany
Brigid O'Shea | Head of DOK Leipzig Industry, Germany/Australia
Florian Thalhofer | Artist, Director, Developper, Korsakow, Germany
Llvelyn Falco | Instructor for Develop Mentor, USA
James Van Verth | Specialist on 2D and 3D simulations in Google

Daniele Jörg | Commissioning Editor, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Germany
Malin Attefal | Commissioning Editor, SVT
Sue Dando | CBC´s Executive Producer, Documentary Science and Natural History, Canada
Evan Hadingham | Senior Science Editor of NOVA, the PBS science series produced at WGBH, USA
Rob Van Hattum | Documentary Filmmaker, Science Presenter and Producer for VPRO, Netherlands
Gijs Meyer Swantee | Science Researcher and Script Editor for VPRO, Netherlands
Anna Ferens | Director, Writer, Producer of Documentaries, Commissioning Editor, TVP, Poland
Pauline Mazenod | Founder and CEO of Windrose, France
Domingo Escuita | Director of Sales & Distribution, Giant Screen Films, Spain
Alison Leigh | Director of World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Australia
Irem Couchouron | Head of Film & Exhibition at SILBERSALZ Film Festival at Documentary Campus, Germany
Lisa ter Berg | Programme Director, InScience Festival, Netherlands
Ingebjørg Aarhus Braseth | Programming and Industry at Bergen International Film Festival, Norway
Irina Belykh | Programming Director at Contemporary Science Film Festival 360', Russia
Wolfgang Haberl | Director at Sf² European Science Film Festival, Austria
Marta Czubajewska | Foundation for AGH, Poland
Barbara Orlicz-Szczypula | Krakow Film Foundation and Krakow Film Festival, Poland
Michelangelo Messina | Director at Ischia Film Festival, Italy
Nicola Borrelli | Director at Lucca Film Festival, Italy
Neal Hartman | Director at CineGlobe Film Festival at CERN, Switzerland
Michael McNamara | Markham Street Films prod. Comp, USA
Malcolm Love | FameLab, Senior Producer for BBC, UK
Valeria Mellon | SDI Representative and BBC Children´s Producer, UK