Arteca – Umění je pro všechny / Arteca – Art is for Everybody

Art provokes emotions and stimulates thoughts. It leads to reflecting upon how and by what means artists want to appeal to us. Deeper understanding of the author lets us peek inside the context of the creation of an artwork and of the technique: In our project Arteca, we decided to look not only “at art” but also “into art”; look right into the artwork and “behind the idea” portrayed in the artwork. We perceive the work of artists in more dimensions. We observe how they worked, what materials they faced and how their techniques influenced the final outcome of their work that we have come to admire. Connecting research of art historians and natural scientists, using cutting-edge equipment that Palacký University in Olomouc has to offer, developing new research methods – all this has helped us get into the core of the artwork. Come and hear our fascinating story. We are happy to share it.