Blok krátkých filmů: Vývoj a technologie / Block of Screenings: Advancement & Technology

“If our culture is not able to properly assimilate concepts created in human minds, if they are born beyond its mainstream, although the creators of these concepts are children of the same time as other people, how will we be able to truly understand a completely different culture coming to us from space?” The contents of the films and their sequence in the second section of the short film competition develops this philosophical idea formulated by a sci-fi writer Stanisław Lem almost 40 years ago.

Simulating Alice, Emmanuel Mozu, 2018, USA, 4 min.

Good In The Machine, Colin Ramsay, James Uren, 2018, UK, 15 min.

You Are What You E.A.T., Radheya Jegatheva, 2018, Australia, 11 min.

Battling Antibiotic Resistance, Rasmus Åkerblom, 2018, Sweden, 20 min.

IN Corp., Marcell Andristyak, 2017, Hungary, 8 min.

Jeremy the Lefty Snail and Other Asymmetrical Animals, Emily Munster, 2018, UK, 15 min.

Shining and Blinding, Pali Muñoz, 2018, Argentina, 4 min.

The Rarest Drug on Earth, L. Kavanagh, J. Lupini, T. van Klaken, 2018, Australia, 10 min.