Divoká Afrika 3D / Wild Africa 3D

Wild Africa 3D is, as popular Tiny Giants 3D, another spectacular film from the BBC Earth production. The 3D technology, providing visually polished footage, shares the lead role with, quite unusually, one of the elements – water. Leading the audience from icebound mountain peaks to the beds of mighty rivers and lakes full of life, through humid rainforests and huge waterfalls to parched savannas and deserts… The water surplus or rather its deficit defines the life strategies of the local animal inhabitants who struggle on a daily basis for survival. Lions, elephants, reptiles or a flock of flamingos, everyone needs to adapt to the annual water cycle, everyone looks forward to the monsoon rains, this being a sort of happy ending in this harsh African climate. The challenge on the part of the filmmakers was not only to capture Africa as we know it from a different perspective but also to work with demanding 3D technology under unfavourable conditions. The greatest complications were, for example, the almost hundred percent air humidity or temperatures rising up to 50 °C.