Egypt jako dobrodružství (ve filmu) / Egypt as an Adventure (On Screen)

Since ancient times, Egypt and its civilization have been a source of fascination for foreigners, visitors, and conquestors alike. Ancient authors pondered over the wonders, peculiarities, and absurd features of Egyptian culture. And this fascination with Egypt has never ceased. In some periods of time, such enchantment resulted in Egyptomania in visual arts, architecture, and literature. This talk explains how Egypt is depicted in modern cinematography, full of historical and cultural “icons” and various stereotypes. The talk also covers the topic of striving for historic accuracy, which is discussed with world-known Egyptologists in order to create art works as real as possible. Such strives for accuracy are also, quite unexpectedly, found in the sci-fi series Stargate, the fantasy opus Asterix and Obelix, and in Katy Perry’s music videos.