Historická trilogie Adély Babanové / Historical Trilogy by Adéla Babanová

Director Adéla Babanová works in radio, television, and film. Since 2010, she has created “documentary” films displaying real cases with staged fictional elements. Babanová with her “historical” films proves that you can just take a piece of local history and put it together with film language and the result will resonate with contemporary topics. In Return to Adriaport, she develops a futuristic vision of an independent landlocked country and its struggle to gain access to the sea through an artificially constructed tunnel. In the film Where Did the Stewardess Fall From? she turns to the fate of the only survivor, a stewardess, from the 1974 Serbian aircraft crash near Děčín. The film Neptune touches on the theme of propaganda, information war, and media influence in the past and today. Sylva Poláková from the NFA will make an introduction prior to the film screening.

Return to Adriaport, dir. Adéla Babanová, 2013, 13 min.

Where Did the Stewardess Fall From?, dir. Adéla Babanová, 2014, 12 min.

Neptune, dir. Adéla Babanová, 2018, 38 min.