Hitlerova hitparáda / Hitler’s Hitparade

Hitler's Hitparade delicately analyses the alluring elements of a highly progressive and extremely modern Germany during the Nazi era. However, it also challenges the viewer to think about the society that ended in rubble. Compilation film combines archival footage from feature films, animation, instructional, and amateur films with commercials and Third Reich propaganda. They are edited together to the rhythm of pop and dance music of the 30s. The film is structured into thematic chapters, in which the lyrics and melodies of songs are not just an add-on but serve to enhance the contrast of sound and image as well. It slowly reveals a portrait of modern civilisation in which beauty and evil go hand in hand. While watching the film clips and certain patterns of human behaviour, the viewer is tempted to identify with the characters on the screen and question what role he should, could, or would have played at that particular period.