Internetové memy: Mezi propagandou a mýtem / Internet Memes: Between Propaganda and Myth

What actually is an internet meme? For some, memes are little more than funny viral images found on social media. For others, they might be the most influential communication tool of the early 21st century. Memes, some suggest, could be a force capable of influencing and manipulating large masses of people in unprecedented ways. Myth researcher Pavel Gončarov and the internet-based international collective Clusterduck share their perspectives and insights on this relatively new phenomenon, highlighting its origins, history, and the possible socio-political implications, from the rise of Trump to the coming European parliamentary elections. Clusterduck is an interdisciplinary collective working at the crossroads of research, design, and transmedia focusing on the processes and actors behind the creation of Internet-related content. Over the course of a year, Clusterduck has built a large network of digital creators, engaging on research chats, groups, and initiatives launched by the collective.