Jiří Klůc: Neuvěřitelný příběh Malvíny Fantové, první ženy v čs. armádě / Jiří Klůc: The incredible story of Malvína Fantová, the first woman in the Czechoslovak army

Malvína Fantová wanted to leave for England but her fate brought her elsewhere. Thanks to a fictitious marriage to a communist, she saved her own life and became the first woman ever in the Czechoslovak military unit in the USSR in 1942. Fantová was a role model for other girls. In the Battle of Sokolovo, for example, she saved the lives of many soldiers. “There were so many of them that we didn’t know who to take care of first. They were bleeding the whole time because I didn’t have any experience with first aid, but I dragged them to safety with me.” After the liberation of Czechoslovakia, she remained in the army. Her hatred for communism was so great, however, that under threat of arrest she emigrated to Israel in early 1949.