Joseph Campbell a Síla mýtu: Dobrodružství hrdiny / Joseph Campbell and The Power Of Myth: Hero‘s Adventure

What is the link between Star Wars, a Native American legend, and stories from the life of Christ? They all share the archetype of a hero, which had been a companion of human consciousness throughout human existence. Before passing away in 1987, Joseph Campbell, a comparative religionist and mythologist, shot a six-volume series of interviews with Bill Moyers where they discussed the role of myth in human life. His work inspired director George Lucas and his Star Wars saga, that’s why it is no wonder that the first episode of Campbell’s series, titled Hero’s Adventure, reflects the heroic cycles starting with Prometheus and ending with Luke Skywalker. The talk smoothly flows from classical myths to religion and pop-culture, and the traditional mythology is compared with the position of spirituality and the mythical unknown in lives of modern humans.