Joseph Campbell a Síla mýtu: Láska a bohyně / Joseph Campbell and The Power Of Myth: Love and the Goddess

What was the birth of the Western ideal of romantic love and how does it differ from the love for God? What is the place of Goddess and Mother in world mythology? In the 5th episode of famous PBS series, Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell focus on the mythical dimension of love and woman. Even today, the way that Western society perceives love between two people can be quite different from other cultures, as the concept of love is ever-changing throughout nations, religions, and epochs. The same applies to the position of women and their incarnations as Mother Nature, Mother Earth, the birth-giver, the caretaker, or Virgin Mary. The two men leading the dialogue attempt to define the quintessence of the two mighty entities: the archetypal powers that set the world and human emotions in motion.