Kamil Fila: Proč jsme rezignovali na utopické vize, když máme Star Trek? / Kamil Fila: Why did we abandon the utopian visions when we have Star Trek?

Utopia, anti-utopia and dystopia are political works of art such as propaganda, conspiracy theories or biographies of notable rulers and dissidents. Despite this fact, we find them uncritically entertaining. What place do these visions of possible futures have in contemporary pop culture? The lecture will focus on various forms of rare utopias, common anti-utopias and increasingly popular dystopias depicted in world cinema from Metropolis and Matrix to Mad Max to other films starting with M or any other letter of the alphabet. It will attempt to distinguish between the genres and their internal limits. Why do we dream of perfect worlds and enjoy trips to the worst ones at the same time? And could any of these scenarios truly come to pass?