Makrosvěty: Louka děsů / Macro Worlds: Meadow of Horror

Hens are running around the yard. Pigs are feeding in the sty and sheep are grazing on the meadow. A stork is sunning itself in its nest on a chimney. It’s a calm summer morning. However, down on the ground, among the blades of grass, a terrifying struggle for survival is happening. Thanks to the advanced technology of high-frequency scanning, high-resolution telephoto lenses tuned to perfection, the German series Macro Worlds provides us with a glance of the tiniest animals with breathtaking detail. Still meticulously working with traditional plot twists and horror-like situations, it tells a thrilling tale accompanied by original music. The male seven-spot ladybird has to safely traverse a battlefield filled with hungry insect predators to meet his beloved partner on the other side.