Panel: Jsme VRealitě minulosti / Panel: VR Reality of Our History

How can you tell whether or not we are living in the matrix? What if you could choose a moment in the past and reinvent it? Would you then feel what the people felt then? Come to explore the possibilities of virtual reality and to experience the unknown. The leading masterminds of immersive virtual reality technologies will discuss their ideas and projects which interfere with us on an everyday basis and shape our view of authenticity. Let us introduce you to award-winning filmmaker and immersive artist Gabo Arora, a director at Crossover Labs and a curator of immersive storytelling who stands behind the programme at VR Zone at AFO Tom Millen and the director of VR_Sci Fest and a Ph.D. student Elena Malakhatka. The panel will be hosted by an award-winning science communicator Karl Byrne.

Elena Malakhatka: Immerse yourself into the Future

Immersive technologies have a unique opportunity to combine high tech and high art and create a new level of experience. We’re entering the post-cinematic era and virtual reality, an augmented reality, and mixed reality tools will fundamentally change the way we think about storytelling. This new approach which integrates XR technologies, Haptics and AI enables us to tap into more senses to create a higher realism about the stories we tell. This session will be an intersection between neuroscience, computer graphic, design, and 360 storytelling.

Gabo Arora: Representing the Pain of Others. Tomorrow Never Knows.

One of the fundamental features of modern life is that it supplies countless opportunities to engage with the horrors taking place worldwide. Images of atrocities have become commonplace through the small screens of our TVs, computers and mobile phones. But are viewers inured to action by the depiction of cruelty? Are they incited? Is the viewer's perception of reality eroded by the daily barrage of such images? What does it mean to care about the sufferings of people in faraway zones of conflict? Award-winning immersive artist and filmmaker Gabo Arora explores how VR, with its newfound immersive capabilities, can represent and shape our relationship to the pain of others.

Tom Millen: Virtual Time Machine

Virtual Reality has the power to transport you anywhere, real or imagined. But how do we go about making accurate recreations of the past? This talk will present a variety of examples where archive material is being used as the building blocks for recreating moments in time and considering where VR history may go in the future. Tom Millen is a director at Crossover Labs. He is a curator of immersive storytelling who has programmed exhibitions for a wide range of festivals internationally including CPH:DOX, Bergen International Film Festival, Silbersalz Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival and the International Film Festival of India. Tom also works as a producer of digital content and as a mentor on Crossover’s various labs and training programmes.