Panel: Příběhy spolupráce ve vědě / Panel: Stories of Science Teamwork

At AFO54, you will have a unique opportunity to experience the intense atmosphere and fervour of the new emerging story of Czech science in a panel hosted by Miroslav Bárta. The debate will include most cited czech scientist Pavel Hobza and Directors of five R&D institutes – Radek Zbořil of RCPTM, Marián Hajdúch of IMTM, Ivo Frébort of the Centre of Region Haná, Zdeněk Hostomský of IOCB and Roman Havlík of University Hospital Olomouc. These are five partners who have ventured on a bold and unique journey towards cooperation and integration on the University grounds in order to be on par with the most advanced centres of science in Europe and worldwide. The discussion participants will present the motivation and reasons for strengthening the cooperation, especially in the context of rapid developments in science in Asian countries and the stagnation of Czech universities in the international rankings. Is this a story of an interest in cooperation or mere survival in the context of Czech and world science? Is it possible for elite teams of scientists to cooperate in today’s competitive times? What kinds of risks and advantages does it bring? How do you coordinate such complex and multidisciplinary research? Is the contemporary atmosphere more favourable to individuals or team players? How can students benefit from cooperation? Come and debate about the future of science and higher education in the Czech Republic.