Věda pro život: Mladí vědci na UP Powered by PechaKucha / Science for Life: Young Scientists of UP Powered by PechaKucha

Protection of endangered species of kangaroo in Papua New Guinea, the development of new quantum technologies in communication and IT, increasing resilience of agriculturally important crops against destructive microbial infections, 3D modelling using geoinformation technologies, study of head and neck tumours related to HPV viral infections. These are selected examples of the projects by seven students supported by the UP Endowment Fund. Its mission is to support excellent international scholarly and artistic projects of young students, which significantly contribute to society, and also to promote their communication and presentation skills. Within the AFO programme, these students are given an opportunity to present their projects to festival visitors in the very attractive PechaKucha format. In 6 minutes and 40 seconds, the students will present their projects with regard to their contribution to the field, their alma mater, and society as a whole.